Aluminium Push-Up Stand (2pcs)



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Why use the Push-Up Stand?

  1. The elevated position of the torso allows you to go deeper into the pushup.
  2. Fully stretches the chest muscles and recruits stronger stimulation on the outside of the chest muscles.
  3. The gripping motion plays a role in training the wrist.
  4. It increases the difficulty of the movement, resulting in stronger stimulation.

Which muscle groups can I use it for?

You can perform a multitude of exercises with the Push-Up Stand. The main muscles trained include the chest, back, triceps, and shoulders.

Perfect for calisthenics

The deeper range of movement and elevated point of gripping allows for advanced movements, typically used within calisthenics. Examples of these exercises include:

  1. Handstand pushup
  2. Triangle push-ups
  3. Tricep dips
  4. The Superman
  5. And many more!


Packing list:

Push-up bar 2x
Box package


Aluminium Push-Up Stand (2pcs)